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Tutors - Share Here!

Tutors can use this area to ask questions, share techniques and brainstorm with your peers.
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Tutor Coordinator Discussion Area

Tutor Coordinators can use this area to ask each other questions, share successes and challenges and further network with peers.
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2017 Outstanding Tutor Award Winner

Congratulations to Ann (Kris) Drach of
the Literacy Council of Southwestern PA,
a partner of Intermediate Unit 1

As quoted in Kris's nomination, "Ann K. (Kris) Drach is one of the most devoted and special tutors you will ever find. She goes above and beyond the traditional definition of a volunteer. Her commitment to helping others and giving of her time is evident in her story."

Join us on February 13 at the Tutor Conference luncheon to hear Kris's story and to join us in celebrating her award.

Congratulations Kris!

Tutors - Mark Your Calendar! 
It is Not Too Late
Register for the Tutor Conference 

Conference Session List Now Available

Registration is open for the 2017 Tutor Conference, which will be held on Monday, February 13, 2017 at the Penn Stater Conference Center in State College. The first 70 tutors to sign up will receive a free registration to the conference (free spots are still available), including the luncheon at which the Outstanding Tutor Award will be presented, and a one year PAACE membership.
Check out the sessions which will be available and learn more here.

PLEASE follow these registration instructions.


Tutor Video on the College and Career Readiness Standards Now Available!

Tutor Video on Lesson Planning Now Available!


Tutor Handbook ~ Reading and Writing Instruction
Tutor Handbook ~ Math Instruction


Tutor Coordinator Webinar Schedule Now Available 

Tutor Coordinator Contact List available here.

ESL Tutors ~ Looking for Problem-Based Lesson Plans?

Check out this resource created by Catherine Brett, a Penn State Literacy Corps student. Thanks so much for sharing your great work Catherine!

Do you have an excellent resource that you have developed that you would be willing to share? Contact Kim Roush ~ we would love to post resources from around the state on our site. Why should we all be reinventing the wheel???


 TLC has a website full of resources, all related to the College and Career Readiness Standards. Many thanks to Dr. Sheila Sherow for development of this website. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take some time to browse through all the wonderful materials on the site. You will need this password to enter the site: TLCtutorwebsite.

Interested in learning more about the College and Career Readiness Standards?

This one hour YouTube video provides very good information about the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) in an easy to understand manner. Please note, the video is a product of McGraw-Hill and the last ten minutes include some advertising of their materials.

For a reminder of why you are in adult literacy, read this touching story 



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