16-17 Basic Tutor Training Materials

TLC has developed resources to help adult literacy programs present their own initial tutor trainings.

A companion manual is available to accompany the power point. It includes handouts referenced throughout the training. Additional handouts can be found here.

This power point can be shared/projected on a screen for the training. It has the more slides than the other power points, as it includes several lists and the slides progress one item at a time.

Here is a power point, with notes, that the presenter can download and print out for him/herself.

This version of the power point can be printed out, 3 slides per page, as handouts for the tutors.

Please note, all the power points contain the same basic information. Some versions will have fewer slides to eliminate repetition.

When you open the power point, you may get a message like the following.

This is due to external video links embedded in the power point. You can select "Enable external content for this session" or you can access the videos from this page.

Adult Learning Principles, 2:43

Each of the following videos, in the Adult Learning Videos series, is under 3 minutes.

Adult Learning Videos, Part 1

Adult Learning Videos, Part 2

Adult Learning Videos, Part 3


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