Tutor Recruitment

Narrated power point on Tutor Recruitment. This is a 40 minute, narrated power point focused on how to recruit tutors for your adult literacy program. You can learn more here.

Basic Steps in Volunteer Recruitment ~ pdf, word doc

Effective Practices in Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers - An Adult Literacy Perspective, Florida Literacy

General Recruiting Information ~ pdf, word doc

How to Get the Best from Your Volunteer Workforce ~ pdfword doc

Recruitment Notes from ProLiteracy Connect  ~ pdfword doc

Recruitment Planning Questions  ~ pdfword doc

Recruitment/Retention Information Shared by Peers ~ pdfword doc

Tutor Recruitment Handbook ~ pdf

Tutor Recruitment Plan – GPLC ~ pdfword doc

Ways to Recruit New Volunteers  ~ pdfword doc

Where to Look for Volunteers ~ pdf, word doc







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