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Volunteer Instructors, aka Tutors, I hope you find this section useful. It is designed with the goal of providing you a way to communicate with your peers throughout the state. Post your successes, challenges, questions, or suggestions here.

You can use this blog to post your responses to the videos or activities on the Tutor Professional Development Opportunities page. Please specify to which video you are referring when you post a comment. Thank you for taking the initiative to post your comments and questions!

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  1. Kim Rossman

    May. 17, 2013

    Tutors, have you ever used pinterest with the learners you tutor? Tell us how!

    1. carole sawchuck

      Sep. 28, 2015

      Last Wednesday, Adult Learner Sheila and I explored yet another aspect of the internet social media environment. She's had a look at email and facebook and online searches. Because she is interested in lower sugar, lower sodium alternatives in dessert choices, we went to see what we could find. Because CPLC unexpectedly received a NRP National Book Grant Scholarship Grant this past weekend, we hope to once again order News For You on paper and online, which may be the incentive for Sheila to seek online sources independently.

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