ESL Resources

Online ESL Resources

5 Minute English - a pronunciation website

Beginning Guide to Teaching English (article)

Elizabeth Claire's Easy English News ~ free stuff, including

U.S. Constitution in Simple English
Food and Your Immune System
Citizen Questions and Answers

ESL ~ Everything

ESL Lesson Packets from The Change Agent ~ The Change Agent, an adult education magazine for social justice, is a publication with a fee; these lesson packets are free. 

ESL Students Share Their Dreams ~ videoLink

ESOL Courses ~ Free English Lessons Online 

First ESL Tutoring Session Part 1 ~ YouTube video 

First Meeting ~ ESL ~ YouTube video ~ Resources and information for ESL students and teachers - Grammar

Literacy Assistance Center's Resources for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Educators

News in Levels ~ This site initially has an ESL learner do a quick "assessment" which provides a general reading level. Current news articles are then available in the appropriate reading leve. 

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Sharon's@home ~ Pronunciation Website and More... ~ Word Games

TedEd - Lessons Worth Sharing

TESOL Resource Center

Tutoring Adult Learners Using the Internet, ESL Resources (some duplication of sites will occur)


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