ALL Tutor Evaluation Resources

Here are links to topics related to evaluating the performance of tutors.

Linking Teacher Evaluation to Professional Development: Focusing on Improving Teaching and Learning, May 2012, Research and Policy Brief by National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

Learner-Centered Instruction Checklist
Use this checklist to determine if instruction is based on the learner's needs. Tutors can use it as a self-assessment and Tutor Coordinators can use it to help tutors address as many items as possible.

Observation Checklist Based on Tutor Competencies (pdf) (word doc)

Tutor Professional Development and Tutor Competencies (pdf) (word doc)
This document includes an outline for a professional development plan and the tutor competencies (adapted from the Teacher Competencies). The information in the document could be used to develop an observation checklist with the tutor.

Tutor Self-Assessment for Guiding Professional Development
Tutors and Tutor Coordinators can use this assessment to help guide appropriate areas for tutor professional development. 

Tutor Recommended Professional Development 
Use this form in conjunction with the previous tutor self-assessment. 

Another Tutor Self-Assessment
This is another checklist that tutors can use to guide instruction and Tutor Coordinators can use to guide tutors.

Tutoring Session Evaluation Form
This form is another approach to determine the effectiveness of tutoring sessions. 


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