Tutor Videos

Suggested Videos for Tutors

Improving Practice with Sarah Brown Wessling: Gradual Release of Responsibility


Best Practices of Highly Effective Tutors: What to do and what not to do, a 6 minute 28 second YouTube video that models productive and counterproductive behaviors of a tutor. Watch each scenario then determine if the tutor handled the situation in a productive or counterproductive manner; the video will provide prompts after each scenario.


Tutor training video, YouTube video, 4 minutes 33 seconds. This video gives an overview of ways to build the student/tutor relationship.


TLC Adult Literacy Tutors YouTube Playlist


Suggested Video Sites for Adult Literacy Tutors 

  • It’s Never Too LateIt’s Never Too Late is a Philadelphia-based grassroots initiative that is dedicated to helping adult non-readers achieve the basic skills needed to cope with the text in their everyday lives.
  • Mlots - The Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS) is a free, digital collection of short, authentic classroom videos intended for adult basic education professional development.  
  • New American Horizons - Teaching ESL to Adults, Classroom Approaches in Action 

  • ProLiteracy Education Network, Online Trainings and Resources 


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