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TLC Board Meeting Minutes from 5/22/16

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This basic tutor training power point is designed to correspond with the new (draft) TLC Tutor Training Coordinator Companion.

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Meeting the Needs of Struggling Adult Learners

Meeting the Needs Wide Visual Field

This article describes a wide visual field.

Meeting the Needs Wide Visual Field pdf

This article by Dr. Richard Cooper describes a wide visual field.

Meeting the Needs Visual Techniques

This document lists a few techniques to try with those with potential visual processing disorders.

Meeting the Needs Visual Processing Examples

Examples of how people with visual processing disorders may see and write words.

Meeting the Needs R/L Discrimination Article

Dr.Cooper article on right/left discrimination

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Resources and handouts from Amy Snyder's session.

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Resources and handouts from Amy Snyder's GED session.

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Materials from Colleen Serencsits session

Learning to Achieve

Rose Gioia-Fine, Kim Rossman ,Joy Zamierowski

Supported Education and Psychiatric Disabilities

DeAnne Lonnquist and Karen Hughes

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