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Tutors can use this area to ask questions, share techniques and brainstorm with your peers.
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Tutor Coordinator Discussion Area

Tutor Coordinators can use this area to ask each other questions, share successes and challenges and further network with peers.
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2015 Outstanding Tutor Nomination Forms Now Available

Find information related to the October 29 Tutor Coordinator CCRS Institute here. 

Interested in learning more about the College and Career Readiness Standards?

This one hour YouTube video provides very good information about the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) in an easy to understand manner. Please note, the video is a product of McGraw-Hill and the last ten minutes include some advertising of their materials.

Tutor Coordinator Contact List available here.

Free Webinar: Staying Healthy for Beginners: A New ESOL Curriculum
December 4, 2014; 2-3:30 pm EST

 Decorative image for Resource Profile Staying Healthy for Beginners: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living (Teacher's Guide)
Please join us in this webinar about a new ESOL health literacy curriculum created by the Florida Literacy Coalition, Staying Healthy forBeginners: An English Language Learner’s Guide to Health Care and HealthyLiving. Aimed at a high beginning ESL level, this consists of a colorful student guide and accompanying teacher’s guide, which allow you to teach literacy and language acquisition skills in the context of health. This was created as a beginner level version of the 2008 Staying Healthy guide, which has been used all over the country with great success.
The webinar will be facilitated by Julie McKinney, Subject Matter Expert (SME) of the Health Literacy Community of Practice and Greg Smith, Executive Director of the Florida Literacy Coalition. We will learn how this resource was created and pilot tested, and discuss with teachers who use it how it can be used in classrooms.  Hear directly from teachers in a short YouTube video.

Presenters: Julie McKinney from LINCS and Greg Smith from the Florida Literacy Coalition

Register today!

Contact: Cynthia Zafft, cynthia_zafft@worlded.org, Region 1 Professional Development Center

 Program Year 2014 - 2015 
Monthly Tutor Coordinator Webinar Schedule available.

 The National Conference on Effective Transitions in Adult Education is offering a FREE fall 2014 Webinar Series: Focus on Science.
Learn more here

For a reminder of why you are in adult literacy, read this touching story 




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