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President's Report

This newsletter is filled with a variety of resources for practitioners in adult literacy. Browse through the selections and feel free to share with others.

If you have a valuable resource you would like to share with the field, please send it to Kim Rossman,

Best, Kim

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Did you know that by being an adult literacy provider in PA you have access to Tutors of Literacy in the Commonwealth's services? No membership is needed ~ you are automatically eligible if you provide literacy services to adults in PA.

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TLC's Services

TLC is available to:

  • Work with you and your Lead Consultant to develop your PI-PD worksheet when tutoring is involved
  • Provide face-to-face basic tutor trainings
  • Provide ongoing, learner-centered tutor trainings
  • Provide online basic tutor training
  • Facilitate monthly Tutor Coordinator webinars
  • Work with Tutor Coordinators in the areas of
    • Tutor orientation
    • Tutor recruitment and selection
    • Tutor training
    • Tutor motivation and retention
    • Tutor student matching
    • Tutor management
    • Tutor report forms

TLC can work with your agency and Dr. Sheila Sherow to develop a Literacy Corps program that works for your area.

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This Issue

This issue is packed with adult literacy resources. Click on the topic of interest for more information.

Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

Thoughts and Tips on Learning Differences
Learn more about Learning Styles, Measurement, Memory Development and Visual Problems.

Teaching Thinking Skills

Free Reading and Math Classroom Activities 
(Check out these resources before using them with students to determine age level appropriateness of content.)

  • Snip Shape - Perfect for small group or whole-class instruction, this activity from EducationCity helps learners relate shapes partitioned into halves, thirds, and fourths to a whole.  
  • Small Dino Big Din - Fun, interactive, and engaging, this activity is perfect to get your learners eggcited to read.    


In Session with the GED® Program
Learn about updates and news from GED®. 

Science Resource for Teachers
World Science U uses the power of digital innovation to create a new kind of learning experience in which an abundance of animations, interactive demonstrations, problem solving sessions and guided question explorations make abstract ideas spring to life.  

Improving Literacy Using Mobile Technology
Click above to learn about a free webinar offered by LINCS.

Resources from the PA Communications Project Newsletter

Activities for Rhyming and Vocabulary Practice, from Minnesota's Tutor Tips blog.



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From the Field

Sharing their Dreams

From Mary Kovalchick, Program Director, Lehigh-Carbon Community College

I wanted to share a video that Jennifer Latzgo, Lead ESL Teacher at Lehigh-Carbon Community College, and her students put together as part of their Martin Luther King Day activities. The video includes both ESL and GED students and was supported by instructors and community members.   

The video is of our students sharing their dreams.  We are very proud of the job that Jennifer and the students did on it that we would like to share it.  

We shared this video with the legislators who attended our MLK Day celebration--each went home with a copy of it on CD.

Our World is Connected through Volunteering


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